Increasing of Recovery effectiveness while reducing operating expenses.

Delta M Collection

Complex automation of debts management.

Art of
debt management


  • You recover more

    Through the automation and optimization of a recovery process

    The system will identify the most effective tools to reach the highest results

  • You spend less

    Each specialist’s productivity will be increased by 30-50%. Portfolio’s segmentation helps to prioritize and manage all the resources effectively.

  • You control the process

    Deep analysis helps to track the chosen recovery strategy online. Moreover, you are able to adjust changes fast if necessary.

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About the company

“Delta M” Group has been providing professional services related to the recovery of problematic debts and automation of recovery processes for 10 years.

  • 6 countries

    where our IT products work

  • 10 years

    of recovery experience

  • 20 + mln

    of debt creditors got under the administrative control

  • 16000+

    system accounts

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